Hitchhiking Through Britain

Hitchhiking in Britain was once as common as taking the bus or hopping on a train. These days, the British roadsides are empty. As a photographer and writer, I’m determined to revive the forgotten practice, reinstating it as a valued and trusted means of travel.

My journey will take me across the highways and byways of Britain, through villages, towns and giant metropolises. My drivers are invariably fascinating, and their stories and experiences enrich the landscapes I’m passing through, creating a tapestry of humanity in the process.

In the past hitchhiking has been most popular in times of crisis, when existential threats pull people together and invisible bonds of trust are formed between strangers. Perhaps we are in a time of crisis now, perhaps we are not, but my experience has shown me that people are far more trusting than I ever thought.

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Reviving the lost art of hitchhiking.


Photographer and writer. London, UK